By BestGamblingWebsites.net Team on August 3, 2022

Many people who play slots think there is a certain time of day when they pay out more. Is this a fallacy or is it the truth?

An old urban myth claims that certain times of the day provide higher payouts for the slots. Do slots have a system or method that increases your chances of winning the jackpot? Is it inevitable that everyone will win large at night or in the afternoon? Let's answer such queries by learning when it is better to play the slots.


Since slot machines do not keep time, the idea that there is the best time to play for bigger winnings is a myth. Where did the widespread assertion that slot machines pay out more during the morning, afternoon, and evening come from? Simply said, this is a result of casino visitors' confirmation bias.

Imagine accepting a single belief as fact after taking into account the accounts of others that lend credence to it. Other accounts that contradict or refute this notion won't be taken into account.

Consider Bill, a frequent Friday player at a casino who always plays the same game. On the internet, he discovered that Bally Technology's Double Jackpot is notoriously loose towards the beginning of the weekend. After making ten casino trips and wagering a total of $500,000 over the course of more than two months, he eventually received a sizable $200,000 payout in one night.

Bill now agrees with people who claim Fridays are when Double Jackpot is most loose after that one extraordinary night. Forget about how much money he lost playing the game on those other Friday nights. Bill will continue to play at the same time every Friday since he firmly believes that there is a large payoff potential on certain days.

When looking for the greatest time to play the slots, one will discover that gamers claim Fridays are when the Double Jackpot occurs. With his account, Bill will further support the narrative and help the other participants believe it. Sadly, there are no certain hours of the day when slots tend to hit regularly.


Slot machines do not keep track of the passing of time, although some games do. Every digital slot machine uses a random number generator system (RNG) to determine whether or not your subsequent spin will be successful. If it does, the slot machine will use the method to determine the amount you will receive for each spin.

You will receive one of the predetermined results from common random number generator (RNG) systems, such as the numbers 1 to 6 on a six-sided die. However, routine RNG can be predictable, making it possible for lots of people to spot a trend and gain a significant advantage over the house. In this situation, a PRNG system is useful.

In PRNG systems, results are uncertain because of a complicated mathematical formula. This kind of outcome is what you would obtain by really tossing a coin or dice. A straightforward RNG algorithm is devoid of entropy. Entropy refers to a real-world element that has an unpredictable impact on the outcome. Entropy is equivalent to the warmth of a room or the roughness of a dice surface in real life.

The PRNG employs a seed or key value from specific sources that are influenced by a variety of circumstances to apply real-world entropy to its results. The source of a slot's outcome is its seeds or key value, which has numerous potential values when it is processed through the intricate math equation of the system. It is significant to remember that a single seed might result in multiple outcomes, many of which could be a win or defeat.

The hardware that a PRNG system is running on determines where it gets its seed from. The system clock itself is one of these sources, while others will use the number of keystrokes. Few software developers reveal how their games build their seed because of concern for security.


Recalling the statement that slots use "time" to decide their outcome, this is merely the hardware clock ticking away. This does not, however, guarantee that a good seed will show up at a particular time of day. PRNG systems make advantage of the clock's "state," which includes elements outside time alone, such as the signal and LED output.

Even though you always spin the reels at the same time, you can obtain a different seed when you play a game that uses the system clock as its seed. You can anticipate a wide range of outcomes even if you are able to use the same seed for each spin.

Slot machines can increase a player's chances of winning a sizable payout or even the jackpot reward of a certain slot machine at no particular time. Through the use of altered software that reverse-engineers a game's PRNG, some people have attempted to crack the PRNG. This software, which is typically placed on their phone, advises users when to play the slots to receive a good seed.

Attackers of the PRNG are likely to run into issues with the casino security. Based on their bet size and delay in spinning the reels, AI surveillance and security systems at casinos can identify players trying to hack slots.

On the plus side, no matter what time of day you play a game, you have the same chance of winning a sizable payment. At 10:00 am and 10:00 pm, you have the same chances of winning the progressive slots jackpot. As a result, you have more discretion over when to play the slots.


Here are some things to think about when deciding when is the best time to visit casinos with slot machines, payouts aside.

Fewer Crowds:

There aren't many people who want to be near the casino's gambling floor while it's crowded with customers. You are less likely to play your preferred slots because there isn't much room to walk about without someone invading your personal space. The most crowded slots on the floor are typically those with progressive jackpots, skill-based mini-games, captivating victory clips, and high return-to-player (RTP) percentages.

The best times to visit casinos and stay away from the crowds are on weekday mornings and afternoons. The casino floor will typically be almost full on Friday and Saturday nights. Be mindful of any month's beginning or midpoint. People who have received a paycheck are likely to spend a significant portion of their available funds at their preferred slots.

Spins-Free Promotion:

Never pass up a free offer, including bonuses and free spins on the slots. Almost every online casino gives away a set of free spins if you make a deposit on a particular day.

You will receive 20 spins at one particular casino if you make a deposit that day of at least $30. Higher payments of $80 will reward you with 80 spins, while $160 will give you an absurd 200 spins.

Casino Events:

You want to get the most out of your trip when you are visiting a casino that is not in your region of residence. This includes taking part in or going to any significant casino events taking place at the location or close by.

The best times to play slots in a casino outside of your town are when your favorite band or singer is performing live or when a significant boxing bout is scheduled. Booking in advance is advantageous as well. This enables you to attend a casino event on a date when the casino floor is empty.

At any time of day, you always have the same chances of hitting a sizable jackpot or payout on your chosen slot machine game. You may determine the ideal time to play the slots by taking into consideration additional elements like the casino's crowd, promotions, and events.