By Team on August 4, 2022

A basic blackjack strategy can reduce the house advantage. This article discusses the blackjack basic strategy and how to memorize it easily.

Understanding the basic strategy is essential for anyone learning blackjack and attempting to master this thrilling casino game. However, the basic strategy is quite complex, and only through years of practice can it be implemented in an optimal manner during a game of blackjack.

This article discusses several methods for memorizing blackjack strategies in order to play with greater confidence.


Simplifying the blackjack strategy is an important learning technique. Thus, blackjack players can recall the optimal course of action based on their hands.

Start by understanding when to split your hand. There are a few rules of thumb to follow. Aces and eights should always be split, but 10s and 5s should never be split. In contrast, one should split 2, 3, and 7 on cards 2 through 7, split 4s against cards 5 and 6, split 6s on cards 2 through 6, and split 9s against cards 2 through 9 excluding 7.

In blackjack, soft and hard hands are played differently, as highlighted by the blackjack basic strategy. Below are strategies for handling soft hands in blackjack.

  • Always stand on soft 21 and 20

  • Double down against 6 or else stand with a hand of soft 19, comprising ace and 8

  • Double against 2-6, stand against 7 and 8, and hit against 9, 10, and Ace with a hand of soft 18, comprising an ace and a 7

  • Double against cards 3 to 6 or else stand with a hand of soft 17, comprising an ace and a 6

  • Double against cards 4 to 6 or else, hit with a hand of soft 16 and soft 15, comprising an ace and 5 and an ace and 4 respectively

  • Double against 5 and 6, otherwise hit with a hand of soft 14 and soft 13, comprising an ace and 3 and an ace and 2 respectively

For blackjack hard hands, below are the following useful strategies to take.

  • Surrender 16 against 9- Ace and 15 against a 10

  • Stand with a hand of hard 17 and above

  • Stand against 2-6 and hit against 7-ace with a hard hand 13 through 16

  • Stand against 4-6 and hit against everything else with a hard hand of 12

  • Always double down on hard 11

  • Double against 2-9 with a hard 10 and double against 3-6 with a hard 9

  • Always hit with a hard hand of 8 and below


Several techniques can aid in the memorization of basic blackjack strategies. Once a player has simplified the fundamental strategy, however, memorization becomes simple. In addition, different individuals may create their strategy chart and memorize it in different ways.

Here is a strategy that is quite helpful for novices.

This strategy boils things down to a four-line rhyme: "Surrender, Split, Double, Hit." Therefore, players must decide whether or not to surrender, then whether or not to split, then whether or not to double, and finally whether or not to hit. Maintaining this arrangement is crucial. The next step is to examine the simplified basic blackjack strategy and determine when each of these actions should be taken.

Consider two situations when attempting to memorize the blackjack basic strategy: first, when the dealer is showing 2-6, and second, when the dealer is showing 7-A. If the dealer is showing 2-6, the player's strategy should be to avoid busting while the dealer does. Alternatively, if the dealer reveals a 7-A, the player's strategy should be to reach 17 points.

Using only these two rules, the basic strategy chart can be constructed as follows:

  • Players need to hit on 12 vs 2, and 12 vs 3.

  • Players should double if the dealer is showing 3-6.

  • Players should double down on 10 or 11 (ideally, players should double if their score is higher than the dealer's up card and should not double if it is a tie).


Mastering the blackjack basic strategy to the point where it can be implemented correctly is distinct from simply memorizing it. And practice is the most obvious way to become a blackjack expert. Since it is impractical to visit a casino and play live blackjack every day, there are easier ways for players to remember the strategy.

Live Blackjack Streaming Games

Observing how the game is played and the actions of the players can be quite beneficial when playing blackjack. Such blackjack live-streaming games are available on YouTube. There is also a platform called Twitch, which was created by two young poker professionals. Twitch is a video vertical where users broadcast themselves playing online blackjack. Anyone seeking to improve their knowledge of blackjack basic strategy before entering a casino can observe the strategies in action.

Online Blackjack Games Free

Free online blackjack games are another useful tool for determining how well you have retained the blackjack basic strategy and how quickly you can apply it in a game. These free blackjack games can be found on the internet, and they do not involve real money. Therefore, neither your stake nor your losses exist. You can only practice and prepare to win a fortune at blackjack in a casino by playing these games. Even free blackjack demos are available at online casinos in the United States. These demonstrations can be played without a credit card or account.


Advanced blackjack strategies apply to difficult and complex hands. Once the players have mastered the simpler basic strategy, it is time to move on to these more complex strategies.

Considering 3-4 Card Hands

Occasionally, a player has a complex hand, such as a 15 or 16, that consists of three or more cards rather than two. For instance, if the player is dealt a 16 and the dealer has a face-up 10 card, basic blackjack strategy would dictate that the player hit the 16 in hopes of receiving a card that will bring the score as close as possible to 21. According to the advanced strategy, however, taking a card would not be a wise decision because the player's four-card hand may contain low denomination cards that are no longer in the deck.

When to Place a Wager on Insurance

Most blackjack players believe that insurance is a poor wager, and that the optimal way to play the game is to decline insurance, particularly when the dealer holds an ace. However, in a few blackjack situations, insurance is a strategic side bet. Card counting can inform a player when there are fewer 10s remaining, which is a favorable situation for placing an insurance wager. Using the card counting technique, players should purchase insurance against the dealer's ace if the count is +4 or greater.

Choose the Surrender Option If It Is Available

The surrender option, which is uncommon at blackjack tables, allows players to fold their hands and receive half of their wager back. This is a good option for players with a truly terrible hand. There are two surrender options available: early and late. Early surrender permits the player to return the wager even before the dealer has checked for blackjack. After a dealer confirms they do not have blackjack and their open card is an ace, they may surrender late.


Is it difficult to memorize a fundamental blackjack strategy?

Although the number of dealer and player cards may initially appear daunting to memorize, most people can recall the actions for each scenario within two to three months. By practicing and applying the strategy in simulated games, this is possible.

Are there tools that can aid in the memorization of blackjack strategies?

Numerous blackjack training apps and software are available to simulate any possible scenario between the player and the dealer. The majority of these applications are free, while some require a one-time fee. Social media and app stores also offer social blackjack games that can be used for free blackjack practice.

Should you think about purchasing insurance?

A wager on insurance is considered unfavorable due to its high house edge. It is not recommended to take the insurance bet when the dealer has an ace unless the player has a solid understanding of the dealer's hole through the use of card counting.

Can a blackjack strategy card be utilized in any casino?

Most casinos do not prohibit the use of basic strategy cards or other printed materials when playing blackjack. You can even print one using a blackjack chart generator and bring it to any casino. When it is a player's turn to act, however, dealers will become annoyed if they take too long to consult their cards.

Do I need to know how to count cards to win at blackjack?

Card counting in blackjack can improve a player's odds in each hand, but it does not guarantee a significant return on bets over a specific time period. Following a basic blackjack strategy is all that is required to reduce the house advantage and increase your chances of winning.

This summarizes everything there is to know about memorizing basic strategy charts and the various ways players can master the strategy while also memorizing it as easily as possible.